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The Riviera Real Estate agency is composed of a team of qualified professionals who put all their expertise at your service to guarantee the success of the sale or purchase of your property. We offer the following services:

Find the property that suits you

We have access to many resources to find the property that meets your needs, whether it's in our inventory or on the MLS system.

Establish the fair value of your property

You want to get value for your money, and we know it. Our team will help you determine the value of the property you want to sell, based on the market.

Buy or sell with confidence

The advice our agents offer you is invaluable and allows you to make informed decisions. We are here to accompany you in all stages, whether it's financing, taking possession, repairs, or offers.

Rely on effective marketing

In addition to benefiting from our marketing tools on the web, in the media, on the radio, and on the MLS inter-agency system, you will receive valuable advice on improvements and changes to make to increase the value of your property.

Avoid unpleasant surprises

We accompany you in the inspection procedures to avoid unpleasant surprises and complete your transaction with peace of mind. We are also there to ensure that financial and legal procedures are carried out without hassle.

Complete a transaction that respects your budget

The purchase and sale of a property is undoubtedly one of the most important financial transactions you will have to make in your life. Our team helps you determine the amount you can invest, check out different financing options, and helps you anticipate all estimated costs associated with the sale, purchase, and move.

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